The history of Domaine Laroche starts in 1850 and is closely related to the development of Chablis and its vineyard.

At that time, there is neither legal delimitation of the vineyard, nor growth classification: wine producers have to explore the vineyard to find the best places and, doing so, they are the heirs of the Cistercian monks. Laroche was among these pioneers.

One century later, Laroche uses technical innovation to reveal the distinctive profile of its terroirs and their remarkable Chablis personality.

The endless seek for great terroirs has been a landmark for the past 20 years: in Languedoc, Chili and South Africa, the first step of Laroche is always the discovery of exceptional terroirs and setting of state-of-the-art wineries.

The signature of Laroche encompasses its spirit. This is an invitation to discover wines from all the world: Chablis, South of France, Chili and South Africa.

Laroche can make a promise:
See in each wine both an exceptional grape and an amazing terroir
Breathe the vibrant character of the wines
Reveal outstanding emotions through the wines

Laroche is renowned worldwide among the most experienced sommeliers in more than 80 countries.

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