Delas Freres

In 1993, Deutz and Delas Frères were approached by the Rouzaud family, majority shareholder in the Roederer Group. They joined the Roederer Group under whose umbrella Delas' philosophy continued to flourish.

In 1996, Fabrice Rosset was named CEO of Delas Frères and Champagne Deutz. The commercial and administrative departments were merged and based at the Deutz premises in the Champagne village of Aÿ.

Investment and renovation work began at the Saint-Jean-de-Muzols production site including the vat-house and the cellars. The range and the technical itinerary of each wine were reviewed and reworked.

In 1997, Fabrice Rosset invited Jacques Grange to join Delas Frères as Technical Director.

Grange played a defining role in the production of the wines as well as the work carried out in the vineyards. He has a very diverse job that covers many aspects of wine production, from adapting the growing practices to each plot of vines, to restructuring the retaining dry stone walls and replacing missing vines.

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