If you’re adventurous & enjoy white wine, Germany should be your next stop!

Germany has always been revered for it’s high quality white varieties, leading of course with Riesling (don’t worry, not all Riesling is sweet)! As wine drinkers are evolving to favour drier styles, the German market is swiveling fast to produce more of it’s splendid dry Rieslings, as well as other lesser known whites, including Sylvaner, Pinot Blanc, Graubergunder (aka Pinot Gris) & Gewürztraminer.

Warmer growing conditions are also making for a wider range of high quality & interesting reds such as Dornfelder & Spätbergubder (aka Pinot Noir). Concerning regions, odds are you might be familiar with Mosel (and for good reason), but there are a handful of other regions including Rheingau, Pfalz & Baden that are turning out equally exciting wines & deserve your attention!

In a nutshell, Germany is producing some of the finest, long-living white wine, and to top it off is their tendency to yield high levels of acidity, not only encouraging light & refreshing enjoyment on their own, but make for an excellent pair to your favourite dish! 


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