Do you prefer cork or screw cap?

Do you prefer cork or screw cap?

Being a wine drinker, you'll probably have noticed things have changed, and the way you open a bottle is now becoming easier due to the popularity of screw caps.

Most wine in Australia is now under screw cap, and you may be aware of Stelvin, a popular form of cap made from aluminium.

Screw caps have long been associated with less expensive wine, but now you can find them on big names in the Australian wine industry.  Even the more expensive wines come with a screw cap.

The longevity of a screw cap is much better than cork as there is no chance of cork taint.
Screw caps are much easier to open and less expensive as well. 

On the cork side, you'll most likely have either a natural or diam cork.  Diam cork has been a proven performer with great longevity, and from what we've heard, no cork taint at all.
Natural cork is still a winner, even though sometimes older bottles may be at higher risk of taint. 

If you're a traditionalist like us, then you'll probably prefer cork.

We love the whole experience and mystery of opening the bottle, from the 'plip' of the cork slowly releasing its hold, what the cork looks like and the aroma, then of course, how the wine will taste. 

The war between cork and screw cap will continue on.

Just imagine being a winemaker and having to decide, we don't envy them that decision. 

August 19, 2017 by Simply Wines
Five South Australian Shiraz you must try

Five South Australian Shiraz you must try

South Australia is one of the premier wine regions of Australia home to some 
of the finest wineries like Henschke, Penfolds and Wynns. 


Here are 5 Shiraz you must try.


Sevenhill Br. John May Reserve Shiraz 2010

The grapes are sourced from Estate grown vines, made with minimal intervention including fermentation in open slate vats and basket pressing, and only made in the best vintages - this is Clare Valley Shiraz at its finest!

Kaesler Old Bastard Shiraz 2009

Located in the Barossa Valley and established in 1893.
Handpicked grapes are sourced from vines over 100 years old.
This Shiraz needs to be in every wine enthusiasts cellar.
Love your work Reid Bosward!

Woodstock “The Stocks” Shiraz 2007

This wine gets it’s name from a set of medieval wooden leg stocks standing in the town of Woodstock in Oxfordshire, England.
This is single vineyard 100% shiraz and boy is it a tremendous wine.

Yangarra Estate Ironheart Shiraz 2013

Depicting the red ironstone soils is what makes Yangarra Ironheart Shiraz what it is.
A balance of power and finesse, with the ability to cellar for decades.
This is another stunning wine by Peter Fraser – you genius!


Rockford Basket Press Shiraz 2005

Another cracking winery located in the Barossa Valley.
All grapes are handpicked and traditional winemaking techniques  utilized, 
particularly using a basket press and open fermenter.
This is old school winemaking at it’s finest.

August 12, 2017 by Simply Wines
7 cult Victorian wineries you should know

7 cult Victorian wineries you should know

So you’ve been to the Yarra Valley and you’ve likely been stuck behind bus loads of tourists visiting Chandon, Mandala, De Bortoli, and Rochford…the list goes on.

Maybe you’ve occasionally ventured a little further off the beaten track to the Mornington Peninsula, Macedon, Gippsland, Heathcote, Harcourt, Grampians, Bellarine, Balnarring or even far north Beechworth.

Maybe you’ve even explored niche micro climates within these regions like Red Hill or Gruyere?

We’re a firm believer that any good wine aficionado will be constantly searching for those little gems years before they get reviewed by Halliday and become famous. These wines might not have the brand names and marketing machines behind them that the large labels do, but that doesn’t mean the quality of the wine is compromised. In fact, most of the time it’s far superior.

Here’s a list of 7 Victorian producers that you should know about.

Note: We have personally tried wines from all these producers and were impressed enough to stock them. This typically involves visiting their vineyards, inspecting the vines, talking to the chief wine maker about production techniques and tasting their whole range. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it.

Selections from all of these brands can be purchased on the SimplyWines website by the half or full dozen only.

  1. Bass Phillip (Gippsland)
    Some of the best Pinot Noir is made at this winery in Leongatha, Gippsland.
    The wine is carefully crafted and based on the forces of nature driven by the moon, the planets and the earth.
    The Premium Pinot Noir is a must try for any wine enthusiast.
    View the best wines from Bass Phillip here
  2. Savaterre (Beechworth)
    Founded in 1996 By Keppell Smith owner and winemaker.
    Keppell, or as we like to call him Kepp, is a warm, down to earth straight shooter with an infectious laugh and gravelly voice.
    His wines can be found high up in the sky aboard Emirates first class on the pouring list.
    Not to mention some of the finest restaurants in Australia, including Attica, Circa and Vue de Monde.
    The Pinot Noir is a red Burgundy killer and is a must try.
    View the best wines from Savaterre here
  3. Yarra Yering (Yarra Valley)
    Where do we start with Yarra Yering? Sarah Crowe the winemaker was awarded winemaker of the year by James Halliday in 2016/17.
    The wines produced at this vineyard are some of the best in Australia, the Dry Red Wine No. 1, Agincourt and the cult Shiraz/Pinot which is a blend of 50% Shiraz and 50% Pinot Noir.
    View the best wines from Yarra Yering here
  4. Avani Syrah (Red Hill South)
    Shashi and Devendra are two of the most accommodating people we’ve ever met.
    We had an amazing experience tasting their magnificent wines at the vineyard in Red Hill South.
    All wines produced are organic, with no chemicals, pesticides or sulphur used.
    A must try is the Pinot Gris that has been left on skins, this wine is like a guava juice!
  5. Piano Piano Wines (Beechworth)
    As traditional vignerons, Marc Scalzo and Lisa Hernan have set about planting Chardonnay and Shiraz vines on their picturesque Beechworth property. 

    They are located on the highly sort after ‘golden mile’ amongst some of the region’s most notable wine producers. They focus on making premium, estate grown single vineyard wines.
    The wines produced by Marc and Lisa are true expressions of the Beechworth Terroir, the Chardonnay is clean, crisp and perfect with a piece of crispy skinned salmon.
    View the best wines from Piano Piano Wines here
  6. Timo Mayer (Yarra Valley)
    As Timo says “Bring back the funk.”

    That’s exactly what he’s done, his two Pinot Noir’s are among our favourite wines at the moment.
    The Close Planted 2016 and Dr. Mayer 2016 Pinot Noir’s are sensational.
    We love these wines like Kanye loves Kanye.
  7. Serrat (Yarra Valley)
    After winning wine of the year in 2016 from James Halliday the next day Tom and Nadege Carson “were greeted by 4000 emails, a few hundred faxes, and even random deposits of money into their bank accounts.”

    200 dozen of the Shiraz/Viognier 2014 was produced, it all sold out by 8am the day Tom and Nadege were greeted by all those enquiries.

    If you can find this wine you need to buy it, if you find more than you can buy can you please ring us and we will buy it! 
August 05, 2017 by Simply Wines