Guerrieri Rizzardi

Guerrieri Rizzardi, the historic wine house in the Veneto region, is a result of the union between two ancient Veronese wine producers of substance: the Counts Guerrieri, owners of a centuries-old estate with vineyards and cellars in Bardolino, and the Counts Rizzardi, who acquired their vineyards in Negrar back in 1649, building the historic cellar of Pojega shortly thereafter. The estate of Dolcè in Valdadige, dating back to the 16th century, has always followed the life of the Guerrieri estate of Bardolino.

In 1913 the two families came together through marriage and Guerrieri Rizzardi was formed: first label 1914.

From the 1950s Count Antonio Rizzardi (1914-1983) managed and developed the estates, moving from poly-culture to viticulture and in the 1970s he acquired the estate in Soave.

From 1983 his wife Contessa Maria Cristina Loredan, already involved in the running of the estates succeeded in further developing the wines.

During the late 1990s, the next generation, Giuseppe and Agostino Rizzardi joined the business.

2011 saw the opening of the new winery on the hills of Bardolino. The result of a long-term plan to re-locate and modernise the entire production.

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