Nashwauk Wines and Vineyards are located in the Seaview sub-region of McLaren Vale.

Reid Bosward and Stephen Dew, winemakers from Kaesler Wines in the Barossa Valley, are the guys responsible for producing the Nashwauk range of wines.

Nashwauk was established in 2006.

The search to find the right vineyard took some time before a 20 ha property on Neill Road in McLaren Vale, Seaview sub region was bought in 2005. The 2006 vintage release is Nashwauk’s market debut. Nashwauk wines are made in small quantities (volumes outlined on wine labels) and the brand will probably peak at about 5000 dozen a year.

Creating a name for the McLaren Vale brand took time. After months of deliberation, inspiration was drawn from the undulating hills and magnificent view down the Fleurieu Peninsula where the cool waters of the Gulf of St Vincent wash the white sandy beaches. Nashwauk is the name of a cargo and migrant ship, built in Nova Scotia, which met an early grave in the waters off the Fleurieu, near Moana Beach, in 1855. She had set sail from Liverpool with 300 Irish immigrants on board who had the good fortune to survive the wreck. Ships in St Vincent’s Gulf often used lights from houses in the Mount Lofty ranges to navigate by, said winemaker Reid Bosward. “On the corner of the property there’s an old stone ruin which was once used as a shipping landmark. They used the lights they could see on shore and this house was used as a marker, he said.

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