Pinot Noir

The name Pinot Noir is derived from French words for Pine and Black, the word pine refers to the grape being tightly clustered, pine cone shaped bunches of fruit.
It's mostly grown in cooler climates around the world and is strongly associated with the Burgundy region of France.

Pinot Noir is the hardest wine to produce and get right.
Due to the skin of the grapes being thin it's extremely susceptible to attack from insects, native animals like kangaroos, deers and Mother Nature.
The thin grape skins also mean it's easily attacked by rot, fungus and mildew.

There is no room for any errors when producing Pinot Noir.
Low yields are common and close planted grapes can sweat from heat.
When produced well this is one seductive grape variety.

Pinot Noir is probably my favourite grape variety at the moment.

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