Champagne Pommery

“Never imitate anyone, including yourself”
“You might be passionate, but without perfection and discipline, you cannot attain the ultimate”
Madame Pommery

In 1874, Madame Pommery created the first Brut Champagne. Each year, Pommery’scellar master, Thierry Gasco, perpetuates the house’s style, which is characterised by elegant yet discrete aromas, freshness and vivacity.

Pommery has been this way for more than 140 years, the guardian of tradition, the benevolent protector of the most important oenological creation Champagne has ever known. Of course this cannot be done without passion, but nor can it be done without modesty. Faced with this new blank page which opens before you every year, it will be patiently filled firstly with the vagaries of the weather, then with the choice of the highest quality plots of champagne crus, before a traditional and gentle harvest. Once the harvest is over, the oenologist’s work begins.

This moment of intense communion between the wine and its maker, by tasting, assembling and dreaming; the moment that will lead to the tasting of the champagne is still far off during the assembly phase. The bottles then go down into the heart of the huge chalk cellars, in the half-light of the kilometres of tunnels hidden beneath the Domaine Pommery in Reims. Allowing time to shape the wine and create the fine bubbles that owe everything to the chalk and the depth of the cellars. Every bottle of Pommery Champagne will spend three years in the cellar followed by another six months after it has been disgorged, the final stage that polishes off its development, so that it can remain faithful to the original creation.


Never or almost never sacrifice anything. Be loud and bold, while remaining of and in its time. Remain faithful, yes, but never again contemporary.

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