Pressing Matters

Pressing Matters is a small, family-owned Tasmanian vineyard with a history of award-winning Rieslings and Pinot Noir.

Our winery and vineyard is located in the Coal River Valley Region just 30 minutes from Hobart.

Pressing Matters’ Rieslings are inspired by the Mosel styles but are designed to reflect and optimize the outstanding characteristics that Tasmanian Rieslings are capable of producing.

The Riesling clones have been planted on their own roots and at a density of 5000 vines per hectare. The clones are D2V3, 198GM, F8V13 and 239GM.

As already noted, yields are very low (the highest to date being 6 tonnes per hectare) and wines are now being produced with 4 levels of residual sugar (or levels of sweetness). The approximate levels of residual sugar are reflected in the labeling – hence:

R0 (super dry),
R9 (dry),
R69 (medium sweet) and
R139 (sweet).

Our Rieslings are also significantly lower in alcohol than most Australian Rieslings and the intense fruit flavours are balanced with natural acidity.

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