SENTIŌ : Feel. Perceive.
Handcrafted wines highlighting regional expression through unique single vineyards and consistent vinification techniques

Chris Catlow the winemaker is a gun, his wines are stellar and he will only grow in prominence over the years. Chris is a local Beechworth lad who worked as a teenager with Barry at Sorrenberg. Barry convinced him to complete tertiary education and Chris now has a double degree in viticultural and wine science.

Following that he spent seven vintages on the Mornington Peninsula mostly with Sandro at Kooyong Estate and has completed five vintages with Benjamin Leroux, the star of Meursault. The Chardonnay is from the Smith’s vineyard. Chris also has a deft hand with his reds too, the Pinot Noir comes from Mark Walpoles’ vineyard (one of the top viticultural legends in Australia). Soft and plush.

“My philosophy for SENTIŌ is a work in progress.

Making wines that represent where they’re from is the fundamental point. I always loved seeing wines that give a story of the vineyard and the region.”

"One of our favourite Chardonnay's at the moment is the 2019 from Beechworth! 
Chris Catlow is a remarkable winemaker producing stunning wine!”
- Mr. Simply


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