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CLARENDON HILLS - Domaine Clarendon Syrah 2014/2015


Three P's : Polish, Poise and Potential.
There is a wonderful raw blueberry character that engages the me-fraiche texture and leads to a multi-pronged sequence of flavour. The effortless glide across the palate is layered with interesting hints of sherbert, ginger and white chocolate. The epicenter is a decadent experience offering high octane syrah richness with counterweight spice and restrained intensity. A mouth watering ambient finish leaves the impression of impeccable balance - a hedonistic experience.

Black, purpled crimson.

Demonstrating a core of black fruit, lifted violet, lavender, kalamata olives, asian spices, minerality and game meat.

Polished and impressively rounded on the palate. Substantial mid palate weight is densely packed with cassis and rose petal notes. There is a framework of muscularity and power however sweet and supple tannins mask any rigidity.

Domaine Clarendon Syrah vineyard is a winemaker designed vineyard that was purpose built for this wine. Single stake, non cordon trellised, 7 foot tall bush vines reflect the ancient terroir of Clarendon sub-region.Domaine Clarendon Syrah vineyard is McLaren Vale’s highest altitude vineyard at 315 meters above sea level.

McLaren Vale has some of the worlds oldest vines planted in some of the worlds oldest geology. Taste the rocks and listen to their unique and ancient stories and celebrate some of the best terroirs in Australia.




McLaren Vale

CLARENDON HILLS are vineyard and varietal expressionists striving for purity and perfection. We are dedicated to single vineyard terroir wines that rival the best in the world. Clarendon Hills is situated in the highest reaches of Australia’s McLaren Vale wine region.

We believe in unearthing a sense of place and season through a jurassic park style of viticulture. Our wines are born from rare, pre-phylloxera vines grounded in ancient soil over 750 million years old.

Vendor (Misc) / Vineyard (Wines): CLARENDON HILLS


CLARENDON HILLS - Domaine Clarendon Syrah 2014/2015



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