DOMAINE LAROCHE - Chablis Saint Martin 2019


The best plots and grapes only, this is how Chablis Saint Martin is made.
If they could speak, the walls of the Obédiencerie in DOMAINE LAROCHE would tell the wonderful story of Chablis wines. Over centuries, the canons of the Obédiencerie have built a strong reputation for these wines thanks to their exceptional vineyards and also their sense for quality. 

When life becomes legend
Saint Martin was born in Hungary in 316. He was an officer in the Roman army. He converted to the Christian worship that was his deep belief from his childhood. During a night watch in Gaul, he met a beggar and gave him half of his coat that he cut with his sword. When he died in 397, his relics were kept in Tours, where an abbey was founded and dedicated to him. It became an important place of pilgrimage very soon.

Nearly five centuries later, the abbots of Tours are threatened by the Normans and send the relics in one of their well-hidden properties, the Obédiencerie de Chablis. The niche where the relics were kept is still exposed, in the remains of a tower, in the middle of aging wines.

The terroir of Chablis has both excellent acidity and remarkable finesse. Thanks to a long ageing on fine lees, Chablis Saint Martin offers the typical minerality of the best terroirs of the wine region. Perfect as an aperitif or to pair with seafood, prawns or fish.





DOMAINE LAROCHE is directly linked to the history of Chablis. One of the most respected and largest landholders of Grand Cru vineyard, DOMAINE LAROCHE owns 90 hectares of vineyard situated amongst the best crus.

The LAROCHE philosophy is based on a very special care of the terroirs in order for each of them to express its own particular characteristics in the glass. The importance of the ecological balance is crucial to maintain the vineyard heritage and to favour its durability.  The respect of the soil, of the vine workers and of the environment are LAROCHE major commitments.

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DOMAINE LAROCHE - Chablis Saint Martin 2019



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