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JOH JOS PRÜM - Graacher Himmelreich Riesling Auslese 2017


"The 2017 Graacher Himmelreich Auslese (Gold Capsule), AP 15 18, is a highly attractive and refined Riesling with beautifully clear and aromatic fruit (yellow plums and nectarines at the moment) intermingled with fine flinty aromas of broken slate.
This is the perfection of beauty and finesse, as it is so delicate, highly refined and elegant on the silky-textured and stimulatingly salty palate. If you love Prüm, this is the wine you would probably want to die with. It has the perfect balance of finesse yet is still highly digestible. You'll fall in love with this, no doubts at all."
Rated 98 points - Stephan Reinhardt - The Wine Advocate #243

This estate has been under the direction of ManfredPrum (grandson of Joh. Jos. Prum’s eponymous founder) since 1969, and scarcely needs much introduction to Riesling lovers, having already become a Mosel icon during the nearly five decades during which its namesake’s son Sebastien was in charge.

"Katharina Prum has been active alongside her father since early in the new millennium, and the two of them perpetuate a house style that has itself become a Mosel archetype: wines of delicacy and restrained sweetness, often strongly marked in youth by yeasty and otherwise fermentative aromas, and tingling with dissolved CO2. Their longevity is legendary, and the Prums personally don’t care to drink their own wines - even the Kabinetts - with less than a dozen, and more usually many more, years in bottle."
David Schildknecht, Vinous




Mosel, Germany

"Few estates in the world can claim to have maintained the highest quality standards uninterrupted for half a century and more. Joh Jos Prüm, the most famous of the many Mosel wine estates bearing the Prüm name, is one estate that can.

Since the early 1920’s its wines have been among Germany’s best, Rieslings with the Mosel’s vivacious aroma and racy elegance in its highest form.” 
Stuart Pigott, The Wine Atlas of Germany

“The wines, whether a modest Kabinett or an opulent Beerenauslese, are the epitome of filigree elegance: light in body but intense in flavour, exquisitely balanced and precisely tuned, and capable of the most extra-ordinary longevity.

With the rise of so many excellent winemakers in the region, one might have supposed that J.J. Prüm, with its profound conservatism, might have been overtaken and left behind. Not a bit of it. The Estate remains where it has been for decades: at the summit.”  
Stephen Brook, The Wines of Germany, Mitchell Beazley

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JOH JOS PRÜM - Graacher Himmelreich Riesling Auslese 2017



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