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JOSMEYER - Riesling Le Kottabe 2017


Kottable is French for "Cottabos", an ancient Greek drinking game played during the symposia whereby participants tossed the sediment of their wine into a basin (amorous liaisons often followed the culmination of the game).

This dry and well-balanced Riesling opens on citrus notes. It has a lively attack and good structure on the palate, leading into a long and lemony finish. Pair with the culinary specialities of Alsace, bringing out the best in seafood and other salty dishes. Perfect with shellfish, sea and freshwater fish, sushi, white meats in creamy sauces, and goat or ewe’s cheeses.

An ideal Riesling in his style!
A fruity nose with a touch of white flowers let space to a dry and a bright mouth. Nice fruit acidity with the crispness of a young Riesling

All types of fish - sushi - goat cheese - chicken on a creamy sauce - tartar of fish

Between Wintzenheim and Turckheim these flat alluvian deposits of the Fecht are rich in clay (22%). The soil is predominantly of sand, shingle, and silt with a high incidence of pebbles and frequent plates of loess. From this vineyard come wines which are soft and sensual.

The grapes were hand picked and whole-bunch pressed very slowly and gently in pneumatic presses over 5-8 hours to give a clean must and a beneficial amount of skin contact.

Transferred to thermo-regulated stainless steel tanks the juice then began a natural fermentation using only its own natural yeast which lasted for one month. The fermentation was initially temperature controlled but was eventually allowed to proceed at its own pace to allow the wine to develop its own character and complexity.

The wine stabilized in stainless steel tanks naturally during the winter season and, following a very gentle filtering, was bottled in March 2007 before the heat of summer to preserve the natural carbonic gas (a natural anti-oxidant). Malolactic fermentation is always avoided at Josmeyer and no chaptalization takes place.

Alcohol content : 12.5% vol.
Residual Sugar (g/l) : 7 g/l
Acidity (g/l) : 6.9 g/l
Age of vines : 35 years
Yields : 60 hL/ha




Alsace, France

JOSMEYER is a notable wine producer in the French region of Alsace. It was established in 1963 by Hubert Meyer, but the Meyer family's négociant business dates back to 1854. The domaine is best known for its Grand Cru wines made from Riesling from Brand and Hengst vineyards and for its artist series wines.

Situated as it is at Wintzenheim, near Colmar, JOSMEYER Domain has the benefit of an exceptional micro-climate and one of the lowest annual rainfall in the whole of France. The Domain extends to some 28 hectares (28% Riesling, 24% Pinot Blanc & Auxerrois, 21% Pinot Gris, 19% Gewurztraminer et 10% pour les Sylvaner, Muscat & Pinot Noir) and has always been cultivated with respect for nature.

Towards the end of the nineties, the vineyards were turned over to fully organic and bio-dynamic culture. In 2004 we received the AB (agriculture biologic) certification. This alternative route, more demanding and expensive than conventional viticulture, allows man to work in harmony with the sky, the earth and the vines. This close relationship between these four elements produces superb grapes which, in their turn, give birth to deep, balanced wines with a unique personality.

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Simply-Wines-JOSMEYER- Riesling-Le-Kottabe-2017-Australia

JOSMEYER - Riesling Le Kottabe 2017



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