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LARMANDIER-BERNIER - 3 Champagne Latitude Blanc de Blancs NV & 2 Grassl Glass | Mineralité Pack


***In this pack, you will receive,***
3 Bottles LARMANDIER-BERNIER Champagne Latitude Blanc de Blancs NV
2 Grass Glass | Vigneron Series | Mineralité 

"Fragrant, lightly honeyed, touches of oat, citrus and green apple, some cinnamon and light floral notes too. Cool and fresh, lightly sweet fruit character then whipped away with citrus and minerally feel. Beautiful wine here, vinous expression but very clean and cool, perfectly seasoned with savoury character and vibrant to drink."
Rated 94 points - Mike Bennie, The Wine Front

2016 base with 40% reserve wines going back to 2004, disgorged in March 2019. Latitude is a 100% Côte des Blancs Chardonnay from vineyards on the southern side of Vertus. These are vineyards on roughly the same 'Latitude' and the name also hints at the breadth of texture that the wines from these sites (having more clay in the soil) tend to offer up.

In the cellar Larmandier uses mostly large format casks (almost all the wood now comes from Stockinger in Austria) and less and less steel tanks. The alcoholic and malolactic fermentations take place without inoculation, and there is no fining or filtration.

Bottle maturation takes place in the underground cellars over a period of more than two years, and each bottle is disgorged manually, six months before being released and dosed at low, Extra Brut levels.

Pure and mineral, the most recent bottling offers cut-diamond precision, citrusy, chalky energy and a succulent, textured core. In short, it is a classic 'Larmandier' wine that is all class. Dosage is 3-4 grams per litre. 
(Base 16. Disg. Mar 2019)




Côte des Blancs

LARMANDIER-BERNIER's wine approach is classic "minimalist" with indigenous yeasts, long, slow ferments of up to two months and very little sulphur. A mixture of fermenting vessels are utilised including large oak vats and even barriques. Very low dosage levels too and the dosage is designed to be as neutral as possible. Sometimes, as is the case in the "Terre de Vertus" there is no dosage at all. In other words, everything is designed to maximise the expression of the vineyard, commune and vintage.

The resulting wines are wonderful expressions of their origins, fine and delicate, yet with and a mineral intensity that keeps you coming back, sip after sip. Peter Liem (Champagne guide) has written: "LARMANDIER-BERNIER is one of the finest estates in the Côte des Blancs, producing wines of unusual detail and clarity of expression. The style is for Champagnes that are dry, minerally and terroir-driven, emphasizing purity and finesse over richness or sheer power." 

LARMANDIER-BERNIER has been rated one of Champagne's top 5 producers and is currently one of our favourite Champagne grower producers.

The Grassl' Vigneron Mineralité glass’s design, with an ample bowl to assist with allowing the wine to open is complimented by a narrowing chimney bringing focus and precision to the nose. The Mineralité glass is ideal for acidic wines with verve. 

Vendor (Misc) / Vineyard (Wines): LARMANDIER-BERNIER


LARMANDIER-BERNIER - 3 Champagne Latitude Blanc de Blancs NV & 2 Grassl Glass | Mineralité Pack



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