SLIDE DESIGN - KALIMERA Bottle Rack / Ice Box Lighted



KALIMERA is the indispensable co-protagonist to light up cheers with irony and playfulness.

KALIMERA means “Good morning” in Greek language: thanks to its shape that reminds us of an eggshell, this bottle rack is ideal to give an informal touch to every indoor and outdoor setting.

It is a linear and discreet product, which creates a simple but elegant and luminous corner for unforgettable events. 

LED version with battery and remote control available in white colour. 3W LED RGB System included. For indoor and outdoor use.

Material: Linear low-density polyethylene - LLDPE.
Production process: rotational moulding.
Resistant to extreme temperatures (-60 C to +80 C).
UV resistant (except for lighting colours). High tensile strength.

All SLIDE products are 100% recyclable. SLIDE has a closed production cycle with no health prejudicial emissions and complying with ecological sustainability rules. When a product reaches the end of its life, do not treat the product or any of its parts as domestic waste. Dispose by sending to differentiated collection centres.



Weight & Capacity
3.0kg & 13L

Colour & Material
Milky White - Polyethylene


SLIDE is deeply linked to its first essence, the lighting sector: in the last years it has developed a much more technical line of lamps for large areas, with an essential shape but a strong visual impact. For the first time, SLIDE has succeeded in matching the industrial process with the craft work: to meet the increasing demand of the living sector, the company developed its production process and created non-replicable nuances, in which every small imperfection enhances the industrial process and makes every piece unique.

The strength of SLIDE has always been the attention to the international market, the creation of something that was not there and then became necessary: thanks to these features, Slide continues its production in Buccinasco, near Milan, but its name and products reach more than 130 countries around the world.

Vendor (Misc) / Vineyard (Wines): SLIDE DESIGN


SLIDE DESIGN - KALIMERA Bottle Rack / Ice Box Lighted



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