Zoom Simply-Wines-STANDISH-WINE-COMPANY-Schubert-Theorem-Shiraz-2017-Grassl-Glass-1855-Pack-Australia
Zoom Simply-Wines-STANDISH-WINE-COMPANY-Schubert-Theorem-Shiraz-2017-Grassl-Glass-1855-Pack-Australia
Zoom Simply-Wines-STANDISH-WINE-COMPANY-Schubert-Theorem-Shiraz-2017-Grassl-Glass-1855-Pack-Australia

STANDISH WINE COMPANY - 1 Schubert Theorem Shiraz 2017 & 2 Grassl Glass | 1855 pack


***In this pack, you will receive,***
1 Bottles STANDISH WINE CO - Schubert Theorem Shiraz 2017
2 Grass Glass | Vigneron Series | 1855 Glass 

***SIMPLY WINES - TOP 5 Favourite Shiraz of 2019. Includes shipping to Melbourne and Sydney Metro***

"A billowy entree to the wine – very dark berry fruit with faint game character, a slap of brambles, dry earth and lifted sweet spice of cloves and cinnamon. Deeply complex aromatics that preclude the layered, densely packed palate. Liquid minerality runs as a vein through the wine while Alpine herbs take care of its boundaries. Sleek cedar and nougat brings a touch of sweetness, there is some blood sausage/game character, but the lithe feel of the wine is brought alive with the bright, briary red and black forest fruits. Cool, almost refreshing, with an irrepressible presence and the underlying muscle and tension of a marathon runner. Will go the distance but superb now too."
Mike Bennie - The Wine Front

100% Shiraz - Sourced from various sections of the Schubert Vineyard - Roennfeldt Road, Marananga. Planted on own roots between 1994 & 1999 (12ft x 8ft spacing).
The soils are deep red/brown earths with eroded protrusions of crystalline quartz - ranging between 272-296m above sea level.

The Schubert Theorem lies within a branch of mathematics known as 'knot theory'. It states that any knot can be uniquely decomposed as the connected sum of prime knots. Aptly named, this wine deconstructs the Schubert family vineyard into its distinct sections, taking the finest elements of each, re-assembling to connect and enhance their strengths.

If this isn't some of the sexiest packaging in the known wine universe I don't know what is. Black embossed 'theorem' notations sit on a shiny black label. The back label a bare minimum of information and a punt deeper than a black hole. I feel fancy holding it. Cue the Gregorian chants.

STANDISH's wines are from the classic 'no-compromise' school of winemaking with infinitesimal attention to detail yet a fluid sense of vins de terroir. This bad boy is sourced from the Schubert Vineyard in Marananga, and set on deep reddy-brown earth with quartz jutting out of it. The Schubert Theorem, by-the-by, 'lies within the branch of mathematics known as 'knot theory", for those that are concerned.




Barossa Valley

THE STANDISH WINE COMPANY is a wine company located in Australia's Barossa Valley. The estate produces multiple examples of Shiraz from vines with ungrafted rootstocks, including The Standish, The Relic, Andelmonde, Borne Bollene and The Schubert Theorem, from specific vineyard sites in Barossa Valley and Eden Valley.

The company was founded in 1999, after Dan Standish, who was the winemaker at Torbeck Vintners, secured a small parcel of Shiraz vines from his parents' vineyard in Vine Vale, a subregion of Barossa Valley. Today this 8-hectare (19-acre) vineyard, which is planted on white sandy soils over deep clay, contributes grapes for the flagship wine, The Standish.

The Grassl Vigneron 1855 Glass pays homage to the Exposition Universelle de Paris. This shape is designed for reds and whites of great complexity, concentration and body. The design of the bowl provides the wine with the space it needs to evolve.  

Vendor (Misc) / Vineyard (Wines): STANDISH WINE COMPANY


STANDISH WINE COMPANY - 1 Schubert Theorem Shiraz 2017 & 2 Grassl Glass | 1855 pack



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