Do you prefer cork or screw cap?

Being a wine drinker, you'll probably have noticed things have changed, and the way you open a bottle is now becoming easier due to the popularity of screw caps.

Most wine in Australia is now under screw cap, and you may be aware of Stelvin, a popular form of cap made from aluminium.

Screw Caps have long been associated with less expensive wine, but now you can find them on big names in the Australian wine industry.  Even the more expensive wines come with a screw cap.

The longevity of a screw cap is much better than cork as there is no chance of cork taint. Screw caps are much easier to open and less expensive as well. 

On the cork side, you'll most likely have either a natural or diam cork. Diam cork has been a proven performer with great longevity, and from what we've heard, no cork taint at all. Natural cork is still a winner, even though sometimes older bottles may be at higher risk of taint. 

If you're a traditionalist like us, then you'll probably prefer cork.

We love the whole experience and mystery of opening the bottle, from the 'plip' of the cork slowly releasing its hold, what the cork looks like and the aroma, then of course, how the wine will taste. 

The war between cork and screw cap will continue on. Just imagine being a winemaker and having to decide, we don't envy them that decision. 

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