Want to become a Sabrage master?

When attempting a Sabrage people will be drawn to you like moths to a flame!

Here are 7 Steps to Sabrage in style!

Step 1
Make sure the bottle of Champagne is extremely cold.
Leave it in the freezer for a good 20 minutes.
It has to be Ice Ice Baby!
Another method is to stick the neck of the bottle head first into an ice bucket for 30 minutes.

Step 2
Depending on how daring you’d like to be, you can remove the cage from the top of the Champagne bottle.

If you’re feeling confident and want to be a boss don’t remove it.

Step 3
Find the seam in the bottle.
Look where the join and the glass meets.
This is where the glass is weakest.

Step 4
Choose your desired Saber.
If it’s your maiden Sabrage voyage I suggest using something with a bit of weight.
For example an axe, heavy duty kitchen knife (the blunt side!) or a shovel.

Step 5
Hold the base of the bottle tightly in one hand and angle the bottle horizontally or slightly to the sky.

With your chosen Saber start by tapping the glass close to the neck.
After a few taps hold the Saber flat against the join of the bottle.
Do a few glides up and down the bottle parallel to the ground.
Then with some force strike the lip of the bottle following through after the strike.

Step 6
If all goes to plan the cork/glass will go flying into the stratosphere!
You’ll be crowned a hero and there will be many more Sabrage shenanigans to come!

Step 7
Enjoy the fruits of your success with an epic glass of your favourite Champagne. Salute!

I would love to see your attempt(s) at Sabrage.
Please tag us, @simply.wines on Instagram.
Who will have the best Sabrage? Mr. Simply can't wait to find out!

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