Natural Wine - Unadulterated and Pure

What are your thoughts on natural wine?
Rising in popularity over recent years, natural wines are popping up on more and more restaurant wine lists.

What are they and why are they so polarizing?
When it comes to wine, keeping an open mind will lead you to some awesome discoveries.

Natural wine is pure and unadulterated.
No additions whatsoever;
No fining,
No filtration and
No sulphur is used throughout the winemaking process.

You can't get more pure than this.

When you find a good bottle it’s an eye opening experience. Some are so radical you may even find pieces of grape floating in the bottle.

Sometimes though, natural wine can have the following flaws: mousiness and volatile acidity. When you experience those attributes it’ll definitely leave a bad taste in your mouth!

Natural wines can range vastly in price from $20 to upwards of $500 per bottle.
Some of the producers to search for are DOMAINE PRIEURÉ ROCH, RADIKON Wines and LUCY M Wines.

If you have an open mind and like trying new things give natural wine a go. 
I’d love to hear what you think.

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