Palmer & Co

For Palmer & Co, the creation of a cuvee is just as much the work of Nature as the work of man.
We combine the different grape varieties, crus, vintages and reserve wines harmoniously and with passion until we obtain the perfect balance.
Reflecting the intricate work of a master craftsman and symbolising our house style.
The blending process is true art.

Everything began in 1947 when the Societe des Grands Crus de la Champagne settled in Avize.
It started as an association of seven well established winegrowers, all owners of Premier and Grand Cru vineyards in the areas of the Cote des Blancs and the Montagne de Reims.
All striving for ultimate perfection.

The unique style of their wines was rapidly recognised and the Palmer & Co brand, created in 1948, immediately incarnated this spirit of excellence.

415 hectares of vineyards and over 200 hectares of Grand and Premier Crus.
3kms of cellars at a depth of 18m excavated in chalk, 3,000,000 bottles in stock.

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